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Recently I found myself trying to add an active css class to a navigation bar in a Laravel 4 project. Fortunately, much like everything in Laravel, there is a straightforward […]

Last week I was absolutely delighted to receive notification from the Women’s Business Council (WBC) that they had awarded me the honorary title of ‘Role Model’ and published my story […]

Like most developers, we tend to start all our WordPress sites the same way. Add various plugins, install a starter theme, create pages and update various options. It’s rarely any different. After manually […]

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Developing clean coded websites at speed has always been a challenge for developers. This article will span over four posts and hopefully will encourage the speedy developer in you to learn of four fantastic tools and there impact to improving your workflow. The four particular tools which I have lined up are: Bower, Emmet/Zen Coding, […]

WP CLI is a fantastic command line tool for working with WordPress. You can setup new installs, install plugins, update settings all from your terminal window. However for MAMP users […]

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At the moment for my business to consumer website clients, mobile visits are typically around 20% of all website visitors, so it is important to consider the experience of the […]

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Do you notice the favicon for the Indigo Tree website next to the url in your browser? It is the little square box with the icon and is also displayed […]

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Twitter hashtags # hashtag is like a category, so when you use #hashtag in a tweet it becomes a link to all tweets that also use the same #hashtag in […]

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People buy from people that they trust – one of the first steps is familiarity, so make sure you give your LinkedIn network every opportunity to experience ‘you’ and your business. […]

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Why Use A QR Code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a camera on a smartphone and then automatically pull up websites, text, photos, videos and music. […]

Colours can change our mood, in a blue room you may feel more relaxed and calm, whereas in a yellow room you may feel anxious.  So what difference does colour […]

On Thursday 22nd July, Louise Towler from Indigo Tree gave a 10-minute presentation at BNI Union in Berkhamsted. The presentation covered all aspects of her business, including: website development search […]

I have just upgraded the Indigo Tree website to WordPress 3.  It was already using the theme Thesis 1.6 so I also took the opportunity to upgrade to Thesis 1.7 […]