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Wheelchair-bound racer

There’s been a growing amount of talk about making websites more useable to people with disabilities in recent weeks. We at Indigo Tree have been increasingly aware of our role […]

Indigo Tree are keen to make sure we integrate well with our design teams. We’ve been working with some of you for many years, so we know the pitfalls that can arise for designers as well as developers working together on web projects. To reduce these issues, we have produced a resource that we hope will help us communicate better with our esteemed colleagues.

Indigo Tree recently attended the first ever Frontier Conference held in London. The event was a mix of design & development, with some great insight into current development trends, some excellent how-tos, personal experiences of some up-and-coming brands and talks that made us think, especially about the future of the web.

money being donated to the hospice of st francis

On friday, 7th October, we teamed up with the Hospice of St Francis, supporting the Hospice’s ‘Go Purple’ fundraising event at a celebration to mark the launch of our exciting new brand, ‘Indigo Tree’.

The team recently attended WordCamp Manchester 2016, a great event attended by about 200 other developers. It was great to meet and network with other professionals in the field, and we particularly benefited from some new ideas and fresh perspectives that we heard.

We outgrew our old name LT Consulting Solutions and have now become Indigo Tree.

Backup your WordPress websites using a simple easy to use batch script.

So you’ve had your website designed, built and you’ve filled it up with content. It’s perfectly written for your target audience and you love the look and feel of the […]

Nobody wants their website to be hacked, but if you sit in an coffee shop using their public WiFi to login to your HTTP website then you might as well […]

target=”_blank”. It’s a piece of code very commonly used to make an <a> tag open the href in a new window. But what is a target? Why is it blank? […]

Bootstrap shortcodes

Archived: At Indigo Tree we no longer use Bootstrap in our theme so the instructions in this post may no longer apply. In today’s age of mobile devices, responsive design […]

If you’ve never used image editing software before, you’ll be in for a surprise when you come to save the files. Adobe Photoshop has over twenty formats to choose from, […]

A grid system is a collection of HTML/CSS parts that allow you to structure the user interface of your website and position the website’s components in chosen places. At its […]

Why we edit fonts and typefaces The environment we learn in influences the way we act in many ways, such as the accent we speak with, the order we write […]