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18th April 2016 in Expert Opinion

Why Switch Your Website To HTTPS?

Louise Towler

By Louise Towler

Why Switch Your Website To HTTPS?

Nobody wants their website to be hacked, but if you sit in an coffee shop using their public WiFi to login to your HTTP website then you might as well give away your password to everyone sitting nearby! If your website has a security certificate and uses HTTPS, the encryption helps to keep your password confidential.

But it is not just website owners who gain from the additional security – when someone visits your website and they notice the padlock icon, that gives them confidence you are keeping their data secure when they submit their enquiry form or purchase an item.

Google likes secure websites

With less than 1% of websites currently using security certificates, Google announced a while ago that HTTPS would start to be a ranking signal and their #httpseverywhere campaign is starting to have an effect.

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Our top reasons for securing your site

Here are our top six reasons why we are suggesting to all our clients that they implement HTTPS on their website:

1. Browser Errors

Both Google & Firefox have said they will mark HTTP sites first as dubious and then as insecure. Probably this year.

2. Public Wifi

The content on any non-HTTPS website can be tampered. An attacker could change your team page, your pricing, or flood your site with adult content.

3. WP/E-Commerce Passwords

Any password (and username/email) entered on a non-HTTPS website could be stolen by an attacker. Are you using the same details for Facebook/Twitter or your bank account?

4. Privacy

SSL (HTTPS) helps to your protect your privacy, and your users privacy.

5. SEO

Google announced in 2014 that HTTPS would have a positive factor in it’s ranking algorithm

6. HTTP/2

HTTP/2, the successor of HTTP/1 (which most websites are currently on) introduces many performance gains for websites. Browsers have announced they will not support HTTP/2 for non-HTTPS sites.

We are now offering SSL certificates and installation as part of our hosting plans for all our clients.

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