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2nd October 2016 in News

We outgrew our old name

Louise Towler

By Louise Towler

We outgrew our old name

We outgrew our old name…
LT Consulting logo

and look what we’ve become…

Our old name was a little plain so we turned over a new leaf and chose one with a lot more character. At the same time we have added a new logo and strapline. Altogether we believe they are a natural fit with what we do as well as leaving plenty of room to branch out in new directions.

Delivering beautiful code‘ – our brand new strapline encapsulates our strengths.  So, if you need a website designed and built, maintained or changed, please get in touch, whether you know us by our old name or we have yet to become acquainted.

Simply call Louise on 01442 877473 or email hello@indigotree.co.uk.

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