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7th July 2017 in News

My Work Experience at Indigo Tree

Louise Towler

By Louise Towler

My Work Experience at Indigo Tree

My name is Tom and I have been doing my work experience at Indigo Tree. I have always been interested in computers so I wanted somewhere I could really experience what the team did on a daily basis. Louise kindly accepted my request of coming into the office for the week and finding out what work life at a web development agency was really about.

A week in a WordPress agency

I started my week off by learning how to use the software WordPress that allows the team to create and edit the websites. At first it seemed really complicated as there are so many buttons all over the screen but you soon pick up which are the main useful ones and once you have got that covered the rest you pick up along the way. I had fun using Photoshop (which I had not used in the past) to edit and crop the images in the exact measurement as clients (and the team) can get quite fussy when it comes to precision! It’s all in the detail!

The next day I started helping out in support doing real work! I got to transfer information from the client to the websites and edit them accordingly. There was a huge array of tasks that got sent in, some were very complex and that’s where David came in (he is the brains of support) and also Kerry and Emily who also handled the important tasks that came in. I got set quite a few tasks where clients requested links added, content changed and even added blogs to the websites. I enjoyed all the tasks but mostly the adding of blogs as it was interesting to read what they had been getting up to.

The other (more technical) side of the team is development and this consisted of Ben, Steve, Chris and another David. They were playing a vital role as they were the people behind the scenes building the websites. They each took turn showing me what they did and how they did it. I have to say these are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met because the industry never stays still they have to keep up to date with it and that takes real skill and devotion. Although I can’t say their skill transfers onto the table tennis table- which handily doubles up as a meeting table!

Louise kindly took me to a few of her meetings where I saw how real business meetings worked and how she showed the clients how Indigo Tree could meet their website needs. One of the meetings was a breakfast networking meeting for local businesses which meant I had to get up at 5:45am! It was worth it for the delicious cooked breakfast. There were 23 people there in total with a random array of businesses. Everything from a builder to an estate agents to a website developer! I found it really interesting to meet the different people and learn about their businesses and how passionate they are about them. They all took in turn doing a 60 second elevated pitch where they spoke about their business and what they were looking for in terms of customers and clients. Even I had to stand up and talk about what I was doing there so Louise kindly introduced me to them all and I spoke about what I had been doing at Indigo Tree this week.

The week ended on a high with Costa Friday – lunch out with the whole team.

I have really enjoyed my time here at Indigo Tree and will take a lot of skills from the experience. Everything from going to client meetings to adding blog posts and even learning how to juggle! (Thanks Steve). I just want to say thank you to Louise and the whole team for making my experience so enjoyable and interesting and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a new website!  Get a quote!

Tom Pendlebery

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