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17th September 2014 in Web Design

Mobile Website Or App?

Louise Towler

By Louise Towler

Mobile Website Or App?

At the moment for my business to consumer website clients, mobile visits are typically around 20% of all website visitors, so it is important to consider the experience of the visitor if they are viewing your website on a small screen.

So what are the options?

Most people think that they should either build a new mobile website or create an app, but I will always recommend making your existing website mobile friendly – specifically building a responsive website.

Responsive websites “respond” to the size of the device they are being viewed on. With such a big selection of mobile devices and screen sizes it makes sense to utilise your existing website rather than duplicate it.

Advantages of responsive design

With a responsive site the visitor does not need to zoom in and out on a small screen to read the page, it detects the screen size and moves the content around to fit and with a text size that is legible. It is also possible to prioritise the content for mobile users – and eliminate content which is not going to be important, to make the ost popular content easier to find for your mobile visitors.

A responsive design also eliminates maintenance issues that can occur when content is copied, and the issue of dealing with search engines not liking duplicate content.

The design of your responsive website can mimic your branding and main website across all screen sizes so all your customers see your familiar style, logo and colours.

See for yourself

One of our most successful responsive websites:


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