Paul Wong-Gibbs

Our Engineering Director, with the responsibility to define and delivery our technical roadmap, product vision, and strategy for scalability.

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Paul Wong-Gibbs is our Engineering Director at Indigo Tree Digital.

Paul leads our engineering team

With significant experience in delivering enterprise-scale WordPress for international banks, newspapers, and magazine publishers, Paul has a keen interest in understanding projects holistically, improving processes by how things are built, and helping colleagues achieve success.
Paul has also made substantial open-source contributions to projects like BuddyPress, Achievements, and WordHat (a Behat extension for WordPress).

Brought up on a diet of digestive biscuits, crumpets, and tea, Paul likes spending his spare time exploring side project ideas that don’t end up going anywhere, playing video and board games, and eating ramen. Away from the screen, he enjoys reading, gardening, and dreams fondly of luxury travel.

Say hello via email, or on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on Github.

Insights from Paul

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Our mission this year is to improve accessibility across the design and development of our new projects. Here’s how we have built on Wordpress’ default behaviour to provide a better experience for screen readers.

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Would you say that your website load speed matters? Is it something you factor into your design decisions, your pricing, and your expected Return on Investment when commissioning a website project? Here’s why it should be.

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Here are a few examples we’ve plucked from the Internet for your inspiration. We quite often use GreenSock and ScrollMagic because they are among the most powerful animation and scroll-animating libraries.

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Deciding what to animate as a designer can be difficult, particularly because everything you do has to be expressed in code. And not everything can be. This post is first in a series that aims to help you identify some things you might like to keep in mind when designing for interactions.

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There’s been a growing amount of talk about making websites more useable to people with disabilities in recent weeks. We at Indigo Tree have been increasingly aware of our role […]

Indigo Tree are keen to make sure we integrate well with our design teams. We’ve been working with some of you for many years, so we know the pitfalls that can arise for designers as well as developers working together on web projects. To reduce these issues, we have produced a resource that we hope will help us communicate better with our esteemed colleagues.

Indigo Tree recently attended the first ever Frontier Conference held in London. The event was a mix of design & development, with some great insight into current development trends, some excellent how-tos, personal experiences of some up-and-coming brands and talks that made us think, especially about the future of the web.

The team recently attended WordCamp Manchester 2016, a great event attended by about 200 other developers. It was great to meet and network with other professionals in the field, and we particularly benefited from some new ideas and fresh perspectives that we heard.

Backup your WordPress websites using a simple easy to use batch script.

Installing WordPress projects can seem repetitive at times. With the help of Windows we can perform an automated WordPress installation.

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Developing clean coded websites at speed has always been a challenge for developers. This article will span over four posts and hopefully will encourage the speedy developer in you to learn of four fantastic tools and there impact to improving your workflow. The four particular tools which I have lined up are: Bower, Emmet/Zen Coding, […]