Artificial intelligence technology

FIDO Tech finds the perfect online home for its pioneering AI, with an agile WordPress website, interactive knowledge base, e-shop and novel leak noise game.

The challenge

As an early-stage company, FIDO needed a website to bring its brand to life and accelerate awareness of its novel product’s value in alleviating water scarcity. The company also wanted to create leads and articulate the passion and vision of its charismatic founder and CEO Victoria Edwards. As FIDO’s product is continuously developing , the site content needs to be agile and easy-to-adapt by the in-house team.

The solution

FIDO was a unique and fantastic project. We worked at pace to build a website to a tight deadline. One that perfectly reflected FIDO’s innovative and creative brand while helping users to navigate easily around an unfamiliar product.

Victoria’s clear vision played a central role in getting the look, feel and content just right. WordPress Block Editor was the ideal solution for FIDO Tech’s need for self-management and agility. We created a range of on-brand interchangeable template pages and individual ‘blocks’. These make it easy for the FIDO team to amend and create bespoke web pages.

As well as a searchable, interactive knowledge base and e-shop, we subsequently also developed a highly novel noise game where players assess the sounds of water leaks from a series of randomly selected audio files.

Extra features were developed using on-demand support hours provided through our Gold Care Plan.

The results

  • FIDO Tech’s website has been an effective lead generation tool, leading to several important new connections across the world.
  • In terms of content development, FIDO team has been one of our most active; having been coached to proactively change and add new blocks at will with minimum support.
  • As a sign of the ongoing value of FIDO’s website to the business, we have also been able to add several new and unusual features. These include a searchable, interactive knowledge base, an e-shop and a leak noise game, all of which increased user interaction .
Screenshots showing Fido Tech website
Two screenshots showing website design
Fido Tech graphics designed for website

“FIDO is a brand new technology, one that water companies are not accustomed to, but it has the power to change the world and save communities from day zero – the day the water runs out. The website is our shop window. It has been integral in helping us tell our story to a world in desperate need, in educating users from engineers to politicians and, most recently, in putting our AI within reach of anyone through our e-shop.

“The block editor is a great tool because the website looks exactly the same in the back end as it does in front. It’s given us the flexibility to be on the front foot with changing product capabilities and give our users the best experience.”