Pay Per Click and Remarketing

The objective of pay per click advertising campaigns is to drive more targeted traffic to your website

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Connect to customers

The aim is to use pay per click advertising to generate:

  • Targeted traffic to your landing pages.
  • A Sales funnel to convert traffic into qualified leads.

Identify website improvements

Book your website health check and get insights into areas for improvement to optimise the performance of your website.

Pay Per Click Google Account Review

This is ideal for business with a small budget (less than £1000 per month) and an existing Google PPC account that is not performing as they expect, or have setup themselves and just want to be confident that the settings are optimal for their budget.

Work will include (as necessary):

  1. Tidy up your columns for easier reporting.
  2. Optimise keyword matching – a combination of phrase and exact.
  3. Add standard negative keyword list in and assess search terms for a fortnight.
  4. Use three new style ads per campaign, and AB test.
  5. Double check landing page urls and paths in ad text (and create new ones if necessary)
  6. Create ad extensions, and apply to all campaigns.
  7. Link Adwords to Analytics, check auto tagging and import goals.
  8. Assess & benchmark quality score and Search Impression Share.
  9. Test CPC (cost per click) and daily budget.
  10. Check settings – location, hours.

The cost will depend on the number of campaigns setup in the account.

Google Remarketing

We will setup your remarketing adverts, to provide targeted ads (via the Google Display network) to visitors on your website. Work will include (as necessary):

  1. Setup the adverts using your branding and images.
  2. Link Adwords to Analytics to track visitors.
  3. Check landing page urls and paths in ad text.
  4. Check settings – location, hours.

We also offer search engine optimisation services to help your website rank naturally in Google searches.

Google AdWords allows you to focus on people who are searching for what you have to offer.