Our email marketing system enables you to login and track every campaign that you send. This includes who has been sent the email, email addresses that bounced (the email did not arrive, and you may get a reason – invalid address, mailbox full etc), who opened the email (and when) and who clicked on a link in the email (and when) and also who unsubscribed

In spite of all of the variety of communication channels open to you, many large organisations still contact their customers most regularly via email marketing. Why? Because even recent studies demonstrate that Email marketing still has the greatest reach, highest click-rate, highest conversion rates, more direct conversions and better return-on-investment than other methods of outbound marketing.

Social media and direct or telephone communication can complement your email strategy to provide a robust sales funnel and communication channel for your organisation.

Bespoke email marketing can be most useful for…

  • Providing company news, advice and special offer information to existing customers
  • Keeping in touch with people who have enquired about your products / services in the past
  • Promoting your products & services to people who you have met through networking or registered via your website.

We will provide you with…

  • A secure login to our online email system to send and track email campaigns
  • One bespoke, branded email news template that you can edit for each campaign
  • We will setup your existing mailing list in the email system (needs to be supplied as a spreadsheet)
  • You can also have a mailing list form to your website linked to a bespoke list
  • Training to help you send out the first email

Get repeat business from previous customers, encourage bystanders to become active supporters, convert more website visitors into your customers – all of these objectives are possible with our email marketing service.

Work smarter not harder – Speak to us today about this service.