Your website needs to be loaded on a computer connected to the Internet. This is known as “hosting”..

It’s important for your business to have robust website hosting on a managed server. This ensures that your site can be accessed by computers and devices all over the world at any time.

As well as web hosting, you will also need your own domain name (e.g.), (or .com or .net, etc). A domain name acts as an address so that other computers can find your website. This will also enable you to quote your e-mail address as (e.g.) [email protected]

Ensuring Your Customers Feel Safe

With our packages, we exclusively offer secure HTTPS hosting. This means any emails your visitors submit, any contact forms they complete, and all transactions they carry out are encrypted.

This gives your visitors extra assurance that your site is safe. By extension, your customers will see that you are worthy of their trust.

Managed Hosting – Monitored Around the Clock

Our best-in-class hosting means we can provide nearly 100% uptime on servers that are maintained around the clock by professional operatives who make sure any risks or malicious attacks are mitigated quickly.

We can set up this hosting for you and load your site onto the host server as part of our service to you.

Website hosting illustration

Premium Business Hosting

£330 / year

  • Managed hosting
  • UK based datacenter
  • Separate staging area for testing changes
  • Automatic security and malware protection and managed updates
  • For large websites and companies optimising their website in Google and running PPC campaigns
  • Free SSL Certificate included

Enterprise Hosting

£995 / year

  • Completely customisable hosting
  • Please get in touch today to discuss this option