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Should I Use a Site Builder?

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Wix, SquareSpace, Moonfruit, Shopify … the aggressive advertising of these site builder companies has taken a chunk of the web development market in the past few years. They can be a tempting option for companies who want to release their budget for other projects and investments … but should you use them?

It was bound to happen. Website development has been a labour-intensive operation ever since it began, and custom-built solutions weren’t always going to fit within the budget constraints of some organisations. But there are some things it would be wise to consider when considering using a site builder tool to represent your company on the web.

Here are some pointers on the wise use of site building tools to help you understand the perspective of a professional agency on the situation.

Use A Site Builder When …

Before you get started with a site builder interface, take a look at your business plan for a few minutes and examine the scope of investment, projected growth, stakeholders and target audience of your project.

Do these goals give you and your stakeholders the room to experiment? Is there an unlimited time frame for launching your product and meeting investor expectations?

Then maybe it’s time to start thinking about a site builder, if also:

  • You don’t have the budget for a proper website project
  • You haven’t established if your product or service is viable yet
  • You do have the resources to build and maintaining your site internally
  • You’re not concerned about SEO
  • You don’t need to worry about converting visitors into customers

Site builders are still very much at the stage of being hobby sites. We have occasionally recommended them to clients who are exploring a new idea and want to get something off the ground with little or no investment. Site builders will get you some mileage, and it’s better than having nothing at all. However, if you’re expecting a high ranking in search engines in competitive keyword territory, and if you want to leverage the web’s ability to generate and grow an audience, site builders are not likely to be your best option.

But Get a Bespoke Site when …

By ‘Bespoke website’ we mean a site that has been custom-built to your requirements. We’re not talking about pre-built themes that have risks and hidden costs. We’re talking about a product that leverages an understanding of your business, a design that compliments your message and tone of voice, and a code base developed with an understanding of what your users want and need.

So when considering a website project, go the bespoke route under these conditions:

  • You have an established a budget and your product / service is viable
  • You have expectations for converting visitors into paying customers
  • You want your website to rank competitively in search engines
  • You want to grow your relationship with potential customers

A web development agency such as Indigo Tree are experienced at delivering solutions that meet and excel the expectations of your existing and potential customers.

Understanding your Visitors

Understanding who your website visitors are and what they need is the foundation of a successful website. After all, it’s your visitors who are going to become your customers and future brand ambassadors.

Even if your new website doesn’t immediately display a noticeable result on the bottom line, your reputation is preserved and boosted by everyone who comes into contact with the site. This inevitably leads to further opportunities for continued sales growth.

your reputation is preserved and boosted [by a bespoke website]

The key element here is engagement. Are you engaging people with your brand? Do they identify with and resonate with your message and how they interact with that message via your online presence? If so, you will begin to grow a solid base of customers and followers which you can leverage in future campaigns.

Was this information helpful? Still not sure what to do? Give Louise a call on 01442 877 473 today for a free 30-minute consultation.


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