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20th August 2021 in News

My First Month at Indigo Tree

By Lisa Bollins

Hi I’m Lisa, and I’ve recently joined Indigo Tree as the new Project Executive. Having just finished my first few weeks, I wanted to write about my experience of my first month at Indigo Tree.

When I arrived on my first day I was greeted by Louise, Kelly and Lucy who made me feel welcome. Kerry, our office manager, showed me around the office, and talked me through our health and safety procedures, and showed me where to find everything, and most importantly – how to use the coffee machine!

It had been quite some time since I worked in an office environment, as my last role was working from home due to the COVID situation, but Louise ensured me they were taking COVID safety measures very seriously, checking them temperature of everyone when they enter the office, and providing me with a copy of the COVID risk assessment for the office.

My first day then included getting set up on our various systems and programmes, and making sure I had everything I needed. I then sat in on our production meeting which we have every Monday morning, to plan the workload for everyone throughout the week. It was great to hear from everyone about the work they had been doing, and what the plans were for the week ahead.

Throughout my first week I was given opportunities to get stuck in, working on our client projects and attending client meetings. Personally I liked this approach, as it gave me a chance to experience how Indigo Tree as an agency works. I was able to sit in on a few client meetings with Louise, Kelly and Lucy and listen to how they work with projects and briefs, and get to know some of the processes that they use.

During my first week we had our monthly company meeting – ‘Thrilling Thursday’ organised by Kerry. It was a chance for us to all get together virtually and do something fun for an hour and meet the team! This month we had a football quiz as it was the Euro 2020’s, where our football knowledge was tested. We all had a great laugh, and it was great to do something together as a company that wasn’t work related.

During my second week I had one-on-one inductions with different members of the team. It was great to get to know everyone better individually, particularly as a several of our developers work remotely. During my inductions I was able to hear from everyone about their roles, how they like to work, and get to know more about them.

Part of my role as Project Executive is being responsible for our social media channels, so during my second week I created a proposal that I shared with Louise, Kelly and Lucy to get their opinions. With this we then had a direction focused for our social media posts, and it was great to see the engagement that is coming out of these! Make sure you keep up to date with our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages to see it in action.

It’s been a great first month at Indigo Tree, I’ve really felt really welcomed into the team and gained an understanding of how Indigo Tree operates.

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