Bijaya Limbu

KEEP+ Associate Developer

Bijaya is a computing enthusiast and loves to learn all he can about machines that can compute. With experience of a few technical stacks in web development as part of his graduate studies, Bijaya is also interested in light statistical programming, embedded developments with R and Python. For the past few years, he has been supporting companies to maintain their websites and has created and maintained web-based content in Vue, Angular and content management systems, ensuring web accessibility and sustainability remain front of mind. Bijaya also lends his technical expertise to charities and enjoys meeting professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Bijaya enjoys working with technologies and like-minded people who have expert knowledge in the field which is one of the reasons he has joined us at Indigo Tree. He enjoys sharing knowledge by creating tutorials on subjects he is familiar with and also loves a good debate and a chess game, but not at the same time!

In his spare time, Bijaya indulges in Hackathons and IT seminars, both here and abroad and has a special interest in the development and challenges of AI. He loves taking walks in his local park and spends weekends exploring culture through food and movies.